Imagine working weekly with a band of talented professionals who can step into any of ten demanding roles at a moment’s notice. Imagine being part of an ensemble with whom you have invested the time, sweat, heart, and creativity to let it all go and seek the truth of the moment – regardless of role, venue, gender, or race.



Our non-traditional approach to the play’s casting, editing, and production is not designed merely to be fun for the performers, but to reinvigorate Shakespeare as theatre for all – not only the highly educated and the elite. In a bar, in a theatre, in a gym, in the park, we will gather and listen, to tell our story wherever others are willing to gather and listen.



We rehearse weekly on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. We are currently growing the ensemble and the process, with the expectation to begin performing regularly through the summer of 2019. If you have questions about our company, or would like to be added to our mailing list to keep apprised of opportunities to join us, please contact us.